» FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 build 607 Portable

FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 build 607 Portable

FreeRapid dоwnlоаder 0.9 build 607 Portable

FreeRapid dоwnlоаder - простое Java-приложение для скачивания с Rapidshare и других подобных файловых сервисов.

Основные возможности :
-поддержка одновременного скачивания с нескольких сервисов
-скачивание с использованием прокси
-история закачек
-слежение за буфером обмена
-автоматическая проверка существования файла на сервере
-автоматическое обновление плагинов
-распознавание простых каптч (CAPTCHA)
-возможность автоматического завершения работы
-много пользовательских настроек
-работа в ОС MS Windows, Linux и MacOS
-разнообразное оформление (много стилей)
-простая в управлении программа

Поддерживаемые сервисы :

К сведению: этот список все время обновляется.

Распакуйте файлы в любую директорию, не содержащую в пути специальных символов (например, "+" или "!").
Если вы обновляете до новой версии, можете удалить папку с предыдущей версией программы. Все настройки
пользователя сохранятся. Расположение настроек:
MS Windows: c:\Documents and Settings\_ИМЯ_ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ_\application data\VitySoft\FRD

Changes :
Legend :
Added - indicates new functionality or features
Changed - indicates a change in usage or behavior of FreeRapid dоwnlоаder
Fixed - indicates a bug fix
Internal - indicates an internal change - information for FRD developers - nothing important for users

31th October 2012 - FreeRapid dоwnlоаder 0.9
Changed : minor translation updates

23rd October 2012 - FreeRapid dоwnlоаder 0.9 Beta 2
Added : The Armenian translation was enabled
Changed : The Traditional Chinese translation had to be disabled as two files were found to be corrupted
Changed : Internal - All translations are now encoded in UTF-8 for consistency
Changed : File rename action is limited to files in COMPLETED state
Changed : start.bat was renamed to frd.bat
Fixed : Miscellaneous bugs and regressions

10th October 2012 - FreeRapid dоwnlоаder 0.9 Beta 1
Added : After in-depth consideration, all non-updated translations were enabled, bringing the total number of
supported languages to 31. Missing strings will appear in English. Updates to translations are warmly welcome,
as usual.
Added : Several translations were updated - thanks to all translators!
Added : dоwnlоаded files can be renamed within FRD
Added : Support for zooming captcha image (enable in preferences dialog)
Added : Progress bar while dоwnlоаding plugin updates
Added : PGSLookAndFeel is bundled again (choose in preferences dialog)
Added : Plugin API
- A few new methods to MethodBuilder
- FileStreamRecognizer improvements
- Changed approach to unlimited cryptography
Changed : Removed global simultaneous dоwnlоаds limit
Changed : Internal file list and dоwnlоаd history storage backend changed to a much more robust database system.
This should provide performance improvements for large lists, and the list should not be lost anymore
in case of improper shutdown. Note that older versions of FRD will not be able to read the new format.
Changed : Plugins and log files are now stored in the configuration directory, which makes it possible
to run FRD from a read-only directory, such as Program Files on Windows Vista and later.
Changed : Internal - Updated various libraries to their latest versions
Fixed : All dоwnlоаds would stop working after a direct dоwnlоаd until restart of program
Fixed : Miscellaneous smaller issues

Для запуска приложение требует наличия Sun Java 6.0

Год выпуска : 2012
Название: FreeRapid dоwnlоаder
Система : Windows XP/Vista
Язык интерфейса : ML,Русский
Активация|рег код : Не требуется
Размер : 13.4 Mb

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